If you’re a tourist, TORONTO’s underground will serve you well.  There are about 70 stations altogether, and we’re now building six more plus a massive lightrail network in the suburbs.  The subway is open from roughly 6 am until 2 am Monday to Saturday, and on Sundays from 9 am until 2 am.  Avoid the rush hour.  It’s wicked.  <PHOTO – a Line 2 delay, Bloor and Yonge station>PROS
– rush hour trains run every minute or two; off-peak, every 3-5 minutes
– all cars are air-conditioned
– stops are announced clearly
– the system has an anti-graffiti policy; you’ll never see any in the cars; seldom in the stations
– most of TORONTO’s major tourist attractions are on the subway or nearby
– single fares are about $3, but there are Day Passes ($11.50 per adult weekdays; $11.50 for 2 adults on weekends) and Family Passes (up to 4 children, on weekends and holidays).  There are also reduced fares for students and seniors.
– transfers are free, and allow you to ride the subway and transfer to buses and streetcars
– you can get to Pearson International Airport by subway (Kipling station, and then an airport bus) for one fare
– there’s a window in the front of some trains.  Kids love that.

– a few of the stations are ugly, ugly, ugly
– stations are always being fixed up or rebuilt or something
– escalators seem to be continually out of service.  A green indicator on station platforms will tell you if an escalator is functioning.  Elevators are also available in most stations.
– the trains will squeal and screech, as steel wheels hit steel rails.  Kids love that.