There are 17 ‘Walker’s Paradises’ in TORONTO. Believe it!

MONTYPYTHON<Ministry of Silly Walks, Monty Python’s Flying CircusOf 1200 Canadian neighbourhoods surveyed by WALKSCORE,, 30 of them were tagged ‘Walker’s Paradises’, scoring 90% or higher.  TORONTO has 17 of them.  VANCOUVER 3.  (Naw, couldn’t be.  Could it?)The Walkscore website rates Canada’s Top 10 most walkable large cities
1. Vancouver (Walk Score = 78)
2. Toronto (Walk Score = 71)
3. Montreal (Walk Score = 70)
4. Mississauga (Walk Score = 59)
5. Ottawa (Walk Score = 54)
6. Winnipeg (Walk Score = 53)
7. Edmonton (Walk Score = 51)
8. Hamilton (Walk Score = 51)
9. Brampton (Walk Score = 48)
10. Calgary (Walk Score = 48)WALKABLE BENEFITS:
* Toronto Public Health study recently found overwhelming consumer preference for walkable neighbourhoods with easy access to public transit.  Futhermore, people living in walkable neighbourhoods have lower body weights and walkable neighbourhoods contribute to better air quality and traffic reduction.
* People who live in walkable areas are 2.4 times more likely to get the required daily amount of physical activity (Government of Canada).
* One point of Walk Score adds up to US$3,000 in home values according to independent research conducted by CEOs for Cities.