TORONTO’S TREES – we take 10.2 million of them for granted

TREES1TREES5TORONTO has just finished a study on its tree population.  Our 10.2 million trees occupy – surprisingly – only 20% of the urban landscape.  Half of them are in excellent or good condition; countless others suffocate in concrete boxes along urban spillways and city streets.

The TORONTO study, “Every Tree Counts”, tells us that “the structural value of our urban forest represents a staggering $7 billion.  Furthermore, the environmental and social services provided by the urban forest greatly exceed the annual investment in its management.

“The urban forest provides over $60 million annually in ecological services, including climate change and air pollution mitigation and energy conservation benefits, plus additional storm water management services.”

TORONTO plants about 84,000 trees every year.  Approximately 54% of new trees in the city are regenerated naturally.  The remaining 46% are planted.  Spring and fall are spectacular seasons here, when our tree population looks its very best.