TORONTO named “Youthful City of the Year/2014”

2498665640_c5ea7ae6d0_bYouthful Cities is an organization that helps youth build better cities.  From an index of 25 of the world’s most ‘youthful cities’, TORONTO is number one.  The Youthful Cities Index takes the top cities and rates them on 16 aspects of daily life, including economic status and culture.  Youth is classed from 15-29 and over 1,500 participants helped compile the index.  BERLIN and NEW YORK CITY came in a close second and third respectively.  LONDON was in 7th place, and second for its diversity.  It leads the European region in environmental sustainability.

YOUTH2<PHOTO ABOVE – National Ballet of Canada/Bruce Zinger> . . . . .  ROBERT BARNARD, co-founder of Youthful Cities says:“TORONTO has a lot of assets when it comes to youth.  It’s the number one city when it comes to diversity.  TORONTO also scores second in music and film, after BERLIN . . . One of the things we’re looking at is the bike rental program.  If city council had cancelled the (BIXI) bike program there is a possibility that TORONTO would not have won.”