“The city is not a concrete jungle. It’s a human zoo.” – Desmond Morris (We beg to differ.)

From North Bay, Mandy Saile writes:  “I got to go back to the Big Smog (aka TORONTO)…I still oh so love it.  It’s always amazing to me that I, tiny little ‘moi’, lived in that bustling, hustling city for five years.  I truly do feel like it’s where I grew up and really found out what I was made of.  
It still sings to me and though I live in NORTH BAY now, I still consider TORONTO my playground.

MARCUS GEE in today’s Globe and Mail writes:  “The TORONTO of the past was a poor excuse for a big city.  When I was growing up here, the tallest building was the stolid Bank of Commerce, all 34 storeys of it.  Now, the downtown core is a thicket of arresting office and condo towers, and the streets hum with life day and night.”