SUICIDESQUAD7Five days after it was released Warner Brothers’ “SUICIDE SQUAD” has collected $161.1-million so far with another $51-54-million expected this coming weekend. Critics from Wellington to Washington hate it, but the fans are flocking to see it, and most of it was created in our TORONTO.

SUICIDESQUAD8SUICIDESQUAD6During 98 days of filming in TORONTO and 168 days of pre-and-post shoot work, the production created 4,707 jobs.


Over $80-million was spent in Ontario for “Suicide Squad”.  Over $12.5 million on all rentals, including truck and car rentals;  more than $4.2 million on lumber and construction supplies;  close to $2 million on catering, bakery goods, and other food items;  over $2.6 million on location fees; and  more than $785,000 on local wardrobe and dry cleaning services.


The choice of TORONTO for “Suicide Squad” over US filming locations such as Detroit was no fluke.  Producers are choosing TORONTO for its reputation as a film-friendly city.  Council agreed to shut down Yonge Street to shoot key scenes.  The low dollar, tax credits, experienced crews and adaptability of TORONTO’s cityscape are added bonuses. – Toronto Star

When you see the $80-million+ 3D blockbuster, “POMPEII”, think of our TORONTO

POMPEII1“POMPEII” was shot at Cinespace Film Studios, 777 Kipling Avenue – a 30-acre complex in the West End.  Paul W.S. Anderson, no stranger to this city (‘Resident Evil’), is the director; stars include Kit Harington, Emily Browning and Kiefer Sutherland.  The film opens on February 21/2014.Cinespace now has three soundstage/production office complexes in TORONTO: Kipling, Booth and Carlaw Avenues.  It maintains standing White House Oval Office and Great Hall sets in the Kleinburg Studios, north of the city.