<ABOVE – St. Lawrence Market South, 1895>  These images are part of a vast collection of visuals stored in the City of TORONTO Archives. Accessible, thanks to the Archives themselves and Sidewalk Labs, they date back to the mid and late 1800’s, when the city was just beginning to find its way.

<GUINANE’S MONSTER SHOE STORE, 214 Yonge Street, ca1880, advertising card>

<WILLIAM LYON MACKENZIE HOUSE, York Street, north of Richmond West, ca1888; artist Frederic Victor Poole; painted in 1912>  William Lyon MacKenzie (1795-1861) was a journalist, Mayor of TORONTO, and leader of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. After escaping to the United States for a while, he returned to Canada from exile and became an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada from 1851-58. His town house on Bond Street is now a museum.

<CRISPIN’S TAVERN, Richmond at York Street, attributed to Owen Staples (1866-1949)>

<SHERBOURNE STREET BREWERY, artist Owen Staples, painted in ca1900>

<GEORGE TATTLE HOUSE, St. Clair Avenue between Avenue Road & Poplar Plains Road, by Joseph Thomas Ralph (1831-1916)>

<NORTHERN RAILROAD STATION, Front Street, west of Spadina Avenue, date unknown>

<DEMOLISHING A WATER TOWER, St. George’s Reservoir, Dundas Street West near Huron St., 1882>

<HEINZMAN & COMPANY PIANOS, 117 King Street West, advertising card, ca1880>

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