TORONTO is on the list, and we’re in excellent company.  According to FORBES magazine, our city is the 10th ‘most necessary’ city in the world (tied with the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles/Orange County), and those aren’t small potatoes.  FORBES: “TORONTO, as the economic capital of Canada, has become a focus for international investment into that stable and resource rich country.  It is also among the most diverse cities on the planet – 46% of its population is foreign-born.” <CHART BELOW – Bloomberg>


Ryerson University management professor MURTAZA HAIDER believes Canadians should celebrate TORONTO’s energy and worldly influence: “It is true that TORONTO and its suburbs could be even better and more environmentally sustainable.  However, in haste to berate the city, let us not forget to celebrate its accomplishments and excellence.  Others see TORONTO as a success.  So should we.”


As well . . . TORONTO was named ‘Intelligent Community of the Year/2014’ this past June – the 3rd year we’ve reached the finals.  This city was selected after a year-long evaluation of data, site inspections, and the votes of an international jury made up primarily of non-Canadians.   TORONTO won because of the waves of start-up companies coming from tech incubators and places like the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University, innovations and research in the film and media industry from Pinewood Studios, the recovery and artistic output of Regent Park, and the city’s sustainable new Waterfront development.


And lastly on the Civic Boosterism list . . . Canada and Australia swept The Economist’s ‘most livable cities/2014’ list, with TORONTO’s 97.2 in 4th place, behind VANCOUVER’s 97.3 in 3rd place.  The poll was based on 30 factors across various categories including stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.