17 square foot apartment rented for $440/month – only in PARIS

apartmentAnd you think we have it bad in TORONTO?  PARIS, a city noted for teeny, tiny hotel rooms has topped itself.  An “apartment” measuring less than 17 square feet has been rented for over 15 years to a 50-year-old man, identified only as “Dominique”, at 330 euros, or about $442 per month.  “I come home, I go to bed,” Dominique told the French website and radio station RTL, describing how he coped with living in the space.  The “apartment” has a skylight and a slanted roof, but “a person doesn’t stand correctly” in the space, the Fondation said on its Twitter feed. It added that the photo might make the place seem larger than it actually is.  This is highway robbery under the guise of an overheated real estate market.