“We all broke ‘n’ hungry” – sign of the times, West End railway bridge

Toronto-based artist, BEN FROST, goes to Windsor

TORONTO-based artist, BEN FROST, recently visited WINDSOR – a down-on-its-luck Canadian industrial city opposite DETROIT, a much bigger hardluck town.  According to Ben, “Windsor has a similar sense of desperation as Detroit.”

PHOTO – Ben Frost, http://www.shootinggallerysf.com/blog  Ben Frost’s disturbing images of iconic cartoon characters have been showing up on vacant chain stores and fast food joints across Windsor.  But he says they aren’t just meant to disturb — they’re a social statement.  “There’s a sense of irony,” Frost explains. “These characters, there’s something wrong with them. And when you look at the location, there’s something wrong with it…. It kind of reflects what the character is feeling.”

BENFROST3Homer Simpson with blood on his hands was pasted onto a defunct 7-Eleven store — a building that’s been boarded-up for years.
“The piece is actually called Homercidal,” Frost says. “He’s obviously a symbol of western gluttony and consumerism. And 7-Eleven can be seen as a symbol for that as well. So Homer is truly upset that 7-Eleven has been shut down.”  The artist notes that the nature of his work is temporary. The characters are painted on paper in a studio, then attached to the buildings with wheat paste.  Homercidal has already been eradicated.

This was Ben Frost’s first visit to Windsor, but it won’t be his last.  – The Windsor Star –  http:blogs.windsorstar.com  <ABOVE – BEN FROST/ “Self-Regenerating Bambi”>