CELEBRATE1We live in one of North America’s finest cities – no question. In a nutshell that’s what Ms. Doria’s website ‘Celebrate Toronto’ is all about – ‘accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, latching on to the affirmitive’ as the song goes.  <PHOTO ABOVE – Micayla Doria by Liz Beddall/Metro NewsMICAYLA DORIA believes that building an even better city begins with honouring what we already have. This past winter she encouraged people to send her photos and a short write-up on what TORONTO means to them. A few of my favourites are shown below.

CELEBRATE3“This is a small tribute to a city that’s changing my life. I am from Australia and I moved here over a year ago. I absolutely fell in love with this city & love to photograph it. Follow me on instagram @avemariabell.”

CELEBRATE4“In a beautiful city like our’s its easy to get caught up in the moment from strolling the streets on a given night or just rooftop gazing taking in the natural beauty the city presents” – damongmahon

CELEBRATE5“You find the traffic in Toronto too much? What better way to get around than to walk and discover new sights” – mprokaziuk

CELEBRATE6“I love capturing our city at night. From the bright lights to the action on the streets, and of course the CN Tower at the centre of it all” – msidofsky

Rooftopper TOM RYABOI captures TORONTO from all angles

While traveling in Europe this spring I came across an article – ‘Roof With A View’ – in London’s Metro newspaper.  It’s about rooftopping – a world-wide craze in which photographers access tall buildings and capture spectacular images, often at great risk to themselves.  One of the finest – and subject of the Metro newspaper story – is 27-year-old Tom Ryaboi, who has dedicated considerable time and energy shooting TORONTO and its people from every possible angle.  The results are stunning, and you can see an archive of Tom’s work at http://www.blursurfing.com

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