They all laughed . . . until Pearson International Airport began canceling flights.

PEARSON<Pearson International Airport, February 7/2013; photo – Frank Gunn, Canadian Press>  The usual jibes about TORONTO and snow came blowing in yesterday.  The city, hit with a major blizzard, was fighting to dig itself out.  Canadians in other parts of the country thought this was a big joke . . . until Pearson International Airport began canceling/delaying flights – up to 800 – causing airline chaos from sea to shining sea.  Pearson is the ‘centre of the universe’ when it comes to national and international air travel in Canada.  Funny, eh?

Richard Serra’s ‘Tilted Spheres’, Pearson International Airport

RICHARD SERRA, a sculptor and artist who does amazing things with weathered steel, is represented in most of North America’s major art museums.  TORONTO has installed one of his finest pieces in the Departure Lounge at Pearson International Airport.  The sculpture is called ‘Tilted Spheres’, and you can get as close to it as you like.  Of course you’ll need an international plane ticket in order to do so.

And that’s me inside another Richard Serra sculpture at DIA BEACON, New York.