NOW Magazine, a TORONTO success story, celebrates 32 years of speaking its mind

On September 10, 1981, a brave, new voice appeared in TORONTO’s publishing world.  In a city, then with 3 major dailies, NOW Magazine edged its way into the marketplace, found an audience, and has never looked back.  This paper is not part of a chain.  It speaks its mind and always puts TORONTO first.


From the publishers . . .  “NOW Magazine has emerged as the largest, most successful alt newsweekly in North America, and maybe the world, with a circulation of 110,000 copies and 409,000 readers weekly, and over 1.5 million monthly total views online at  Beyond that, NOW remains steadfastly independent, a handmade media company still owned and operated by Alice Klein and Michael Hollett.   “Sure, we’d like to take some credit, but a part of our great good fortune has been to operate in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities on the planet. Even as we find ourselves enduring the folly of a disastrous mayor, this city’s engaged citizens refuse to give up, continuing to fight to preserve and develop the remarkable experiment in urbanism that is TORONTO —  the envy of the world.“With over 150 cranes in the sky, TORONTO is a city that loves living downtown – or coming here to play. Our retail isn’t buried in chains but features a dynamic mix of independent outlets, stand-alone businesses like NOW Magazine itself.   “Thank you, Toronto. It continues to be our pleasure to serve you all.”
Alice Klein – Editor/CEO – @aliceklein
Michael Hollett – Editor/Publisher – @m_hollett