After a 10 year reno, AMSTERDAM’s beloved Rijksmuseum has re-opened

The Dutch must be the most patient museum-goers in the world.  They’ve waited 10 years and paid out nearly $500 million to rebuild a neo-gothic, 19th century art palace in the centre of AMSTERDAM.  On April 13/2013, the Rijksmuseum opened its doors once again.  Eighty new galleries were inaugurated, showing over 8,000 objects and paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

JHML1207_8445PHOTO – Jannes Linders, Gallery of Honour, Rijksmuseum,

The building – constructed in 1885 –  is young by European standards.  It was cleaned, inside and out.  Several rooms were demolished; others rebuilt as they once were – the Gallery of Honour, the staircases, the monumental hall.   It’s one of the first times that a national museum has had a complete makeover. With 3,000 square meters of additional exhibition space, the Rijks has become a completely new museum.



Delft University’s ‘superbus’ is a beaut!

Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has created the world’s first Superbus.  Backed by the Dutch government, Dow Chemicals, and the Saudi conglomerate Sabic, the glamourous midnight-blue, electric-powered vehicle recently made its debut.  Top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph); seats 23; length: 49 feet; can cover 75 miles in 30 minutes; equipped with 8 gullwing-style doors on each side; cost per vehicle: $11,000,000 CAD.

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