“Photographers tend to be collectors. Most people travel through life experiencing the world in successive moments. Photographers, however, stop to concentrate, preserve and collect certain of those moments.” –  Michael Mitchell, 2005. <PHOTO ABOVE – Michael Mitchell in 2019 by Ken Straiton>
And collect them he does . . . Michael’s new book, ‘FINAL FIRE’, a memoir, recently came out, published by ECW Press in TORONTO. Fellow artist and filmmaker MICHAEL SNOW writes “the book breathes. Eloquent descriptions of contact with nature alternate with the narration of extremely varied episodes (in the author’s life) – from the hilarious to the profoundly sad.”Canadian photographer EDWARD BURTYNSKY: “Mitchell’s many friendships and adventures with exquisite observations (are) woven into every page, and offer glistening reflections of a passionate and creative life fully lived. Here is a must-read for anyone wondering what artists do with their lives – in this case a Canadian life.”‘A Telling Portrait – The Work and Collection of Michael Mitchell’ was shown at the Ryerson Image Centre, 30 Gould Street, in April & May 2015. <ABOVE – the catalogue self-portrait of Michael for the show, polaroid, 1983> Highlighting his professional background in anthropology, the exhibition celebrated Michael’s approach to the medium of photography, and his long-term commitment to TORONTO’s photographic community.  My partner and I have both read ‘Final Fire’ and highly recommend it. ECW indie publishers are located at 665 Gerrard Street East.  The company has published over 1,000 books so far; phone – 416-694-3348 . . . . . . https://ecwpress.com/collections/vendors?q=Mitchell%2C%20Michael