CELEBRATE1We live in one of North America’s finest cities – no question. In a nutshell that’s what Ms. Doria’s website ‘Celebrate Toronto’ is all about – ‘accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, latching on to the affirmitive’ as the song goes.  <PHOTO ABOVE – Micayla Doria by Liz Beddall/Metro NewsMICAYLA DORIA believes that building an even better city begins with honouring what we already have. This past winter she encouraged people to send her photos and a short write-up on what TORONTO means to them. A few of my favourites are shown below.

CELEBRATE3“This is a small tribute to a city that’s changing my life. I am from Australia and I moved here over a year ago. I absolutely fell in love with this city & love to photograph it. Follow me on instagram @avemariabell.”

CELEBRATE4“In a beautiful city like our’s its easy to get caught up in the moment from strolling the streets on a given night or just rooftop gazing taking in the natural beauty the city presents” – damongmahon

CELEBRATE5“You find the traffic in Toronto too much? What better way to get around than to walk and discover new sights” – mprokaziuk

CELEBRATE6“I love capturing our city at night. From the bright lights to the action on the streets, and of course the CN Tower at the centre of it all” – msidofsky