Work by & about the late sculptor, LOUISE BOURGEOIS, in London, Ottawa & Toronto


This summer, there’s no escaping the work of sculptor, LOUISE BOURGEOIS, who passed away three years ago.  LONDON’s Saatchi Gallery is showing “After Louise”, created in 2011 by WENDY MAYER.  Her head pops out of a giant black ball, studded with pins and needles. Around her neck is a feather collar as grand as a courtier’s ruff.  To see her face-to-face you must get down on your knees.  Artist WENDY MAYER: “I feel connected to her as a woman, a mother, a sculptor and through our shared background in mathematics. When she died in 2010, I wanted to acknowledge her unwitting contribution to my career as a sculptor and created her portrait as a pin cushion doll’.

BOURGEOIS3The best-known work by LOUISE BOURGEOIS <PHOTO ABOVE> is “Maman”, on permanent display in front of the National Gallery of Canada, OTTAWA.

BOURGEOIS5TORONTO’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), 952 Queen Street West recently presented an exhibition of Ms. Bourgeois’ work.