LONELYPLANET1        <TORONTO from the CN Tower. Image by naibank / Moment / Getty>  TORONTO is one of only two North American cities to make LONELY PLANET’s 2015 “TOP 10 must-see cities list”LONELY PLANET quotes: “The most multicultural city in the world, a bustling megalopolis where over 140 languages are spoken, promises to be extra vibrant in 2015, when an estimated 250,000 visitors arrive for the Pan American (Pan Am) Games. A bunch of public works projects have advanced in preparation for the C$1.5 billion international multisport games, including the long-anticipated Union Pearson Express train. . . . . 2015 will be another massive year for TORONTO’s drool-worthy restaurant scene. And the influences of nearby New York and Montreal keep things cutting-edge, with live music thriving in grassroots bars.”  The article by BENEDICT WALKER, goes on to highlight Bloor Street West, the Windsor Arms Hotel, Eaton Centre, Entertainment District, Kensington Market, CN Tower’s Edgewalk, and the “flavour of TORONTO’s neighbourhoods.”


LONELY PLANET’s Top 10 List of “must-see cities”/2015:
1.  Washington DC
2.  El Chaltén, Argentina
3.  Milan, Italy
4.  Zermatt, Switzerland
5.  Valletta, Malta
6.  Plovdiv, Bulgaria
7.  Salisbury, United Kingdom
8.  Vienna, Austria
9.  Chennai, India
10.  TORONTO, Canada

Read more on Lonely Planet’s TORONTO at: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel-tips-and-articles/seven-reasons-why-toronto-should-top-your-must-visit-list –  http://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/cities/10-toronto?detail=1#ixzz3GtClYxSa