NASH THE SLASH (1948-2014), and his trademark bandages, is no longer with us

nash1  JEFF PLEWMAN made quite the impression when dressed up as his alter-ego, NASH THE SLASH – a TORONTO eccentric if ever there was one.  A multi-instrumentalist, Jeff could play the electric violin, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards and the glockenspiel.  But, like many baby boomers, he decided after 40 years enough was enough. He took off the surgical tape, shut down his official website, thanked his loyal fans, and bid them adieu.


Jeff passed away last weekend at the fairly young age of 66. Among other things he founded one of Canada’s first independent labels (Cut-Throat Records), was one of the first to use a drum machine on an album, and sued Pepsi-Cola for stealing his image. He created a complex blend of new wave, New Age and punk rock in the 1970’s. He also composed soundtracks for silent films and collaborated with painter Robert Vanderhost on a series fusing surrealistic visuals with classic music stylings. <from Susan G. Cole/NOW Magazine>  Jeff came out as a gay man in 1998.  He was indeed one-of-a-kind.