‘THE AMERICAN DREAM PROJECT’ BY IAN BROWN, a Canadian documentary and portrait photographer.  He’s fascinated by Americans and their aspirations in a complex and unequal country. The New York Times’ SUNDAY REVIEW has presented some of his portraiture, and additional photographs & quotes can be found at

IANBROWN1“My name is Mary Cory. My husband, Tom, and I have been given stewardship over some of the richest soil in the world. The land that we farm has been in our family since the mid-1800’s.”

IANBROWN2“My American dream is a safe place for everyone. The poor, needy, sick, the helpless everyone. No more danger in the streets, or fear to walk down your own block at night. A sanctuary of sorts, where everyone can at least go to work and provide for their families and do what they love in peace.”

IANBROWN3“My dream is to never stop growing, changing, or becoming – my transition from female to male was only the beginning – I want to feel whole in my skin and loved alongside others whom I love.”

IANBROWN4“My American dream is that everyone has the gift of advocacy on their life … that no one waits for a world, a community, or someone to give them permission to stand up for others. I work for an organization that in a time of great fear had the courage to stand up for others for people living with HIV/AIDS.”

IANBROWN6“My American Dream is to see the American capitalism grow and flourish with the hope that the beneficiaries of that growth will use their wealth to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings across the country and across the world.”

IANBROWN7“American Dream – To live in a city where people care for one another. Speak good morning and mean it. 2016 Racism is real. Killing people of colour is a sin. God please help change the mindset from hatred to understanding.”  PHOTOGRAPHER IAN BROWN – “I’ve photographed more than 300 people so far and have covered most states. I plan to continue going. I’ve found their stories to be inspiring, defiant, infuriating and sometimes utterly heartbreaking. Just like America.”  Ian Brown’s website –