FRED HERZOG, one of the best when it came to photographing a Canadian city, died on Monday, September 9/2019 at the age of 88. He found subject matter in the streets of Vancouver, focusing on architecture, people, cafes, billboards, darkened streets, neon, and life in some of the roughest parts of town.<‘Modern Colour’ Vancouver – by Fred Herzog>  Born in Stuttgart, he moved to Vancouver in 1952. During the day he’d work as a medical photographer and at the University of British Columbia.<Equinox Gallery Vancouver – Granville Street at Night by Fred Herzog>  His off-times were mostly taken up with making pictures. He’d work primarily with Kodachrome slide film to create a wonderful vision of Vancouver, as it was in the 1950’s when neon was king.Herzog photographs are in the National Gallery of Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery, numerous private collections and books. He’s survived by his daughter Ariane and son Tyson. His wife Christel died in 2013.  <ABOVE – Alexander Street by Fred Herzog – Equinox Gallery Vancouver – >

Photographing VANCOUVER in the 1950’s – FRED HERZOG Retrospective

Stuttgart-born FRED HERZOG is a master of colour photography.  After moving to VANCOUVER in 1953, he worked primarily with Kodachrome slide film to create a wonderful archive of that city, as it was in the 1950’s.  His photography is in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada and the Vancouver Art Gallery, and he’s been the subject of numerous books. . . . . .