Newcombe Pianos, Ecology Action Centre, Halifax and Toronto

Wandering around the clapboard back streets of HALIFAX, I came across the Ecology Action Centre at the picturesque corner of Fern Lane and May Street.  On the exterior wall, a sculptural mounting of the innards of a Newcombe Piano.The Newcombe Piano Company was established in 1878 by one Octavius Newcombe (PHOTO ABOVE).  The company distributed quality instruments all across Canada from its TORONTO manufacturing headquarters.  Queen Victoria acquired a Newcombe for Windsor Castle, and the company was awarded numerous medals and diplomas – at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886; Chicago’s World Fair in 1893; and the Paris Exposition of 1900.The Ecology Action Centre, estabished in 1971, has 1000 members, 400 volunteers and 7 active teams and committees.  It’s devoted to preserving and improving the built and natural ecologies of Nova Scotia, and for seven years running has been voted “the number one activist organization” by readers of The Coast magazine.