<“I hope he won’t be TOO involved in the federal election . . . “, editorial cartoon by THEO MOUDAKIS, Toronto Star, June12/2019>Friday, JUNE 14th/2019, marks one year since DOUG FORD was elected premier of ONTARIO. Since that fateful day, Ford and his Progressive Conservative government have been very busy indeed. SEE BELOW . . .

Cancelled Cap & Trade; plans to take federal government to court
> Cut 700+ green energy projects
> Shut down White Pines Wind Project
> Slashed 50% of flood management funds in time for serious province-wide flooding
> Eliminated funds for the 50 Million Tree Program; resurrected by federal Liberal government
> Axed the Green Ontario Fund
> Cancelled the opening of new overdose prevention sites
> Revoked current and future funding for the College of Midwives
> Slashed the number of paramedic service providers from 59 to 10
> Proposed ending OHIP’s medical emergency coverage for Ontario travelers abroad
> Scrapped funding for supervised drug-use sites (two in Toronto, one in Ottawa)EDUCATION
> Rolled back sex-ed curriculum
> Removed $100-million budget for school repairs
> Cancelled Ontario’s first French-language university
> Dropped funding assistance for college/university students by $300-million plus
> Removed free tuition for low-income students
> Scrapped over $300-million for three satellite university campuses
> Increased class sizes, potentially resulting in over 3,400 lost teaching jobs
> Scrapped the Ontario College of Trades
> Cut Toronto City Council by 50%; city has taken the province to court
> Planned to cut funds to repair social housing
> Told municipalities and school boards to find 4% in “efficiencies” to servicesARTS, CULTURE & TOURISM
> Retroactively slashed $5-million from the Ontario Arts Council
> Cancelled the Indigenous Culture Fund
> Dropped grants for the Ontario Music Fund by more than 50%
> Reduced funding to regional tourism organizations by $17.5-million
> Announced termination of Beer Store contract, jeopardizing 7,000 jobs
> Beer Store threatens multi-million dollar law suits
> Cut $9.5-million (25%) from Tourism Toronto; $3.4 million from Ottawa
> Cut $1-billion from social services across the board
> Scrapped Basic Income Pilot Project
> Cancelled dollar increase to the minimum wage
> Cut Workplace Safety Insurance Board payments to injured workers by 30%
> Severed library services funding by 50%
> Ended the Roundtable on Violence Against Women
> Slashed $84.5-million funding for children/at-risk youth & children’s aid societies
> Cut $15-million from the Ontario Trillium Foundation
> Cut funding to MaRS Discovery District (scientific research)
> Cut funding to two artificial intelligence institutes by $24-million
> Cancelled a technology accelerators program of $9.5-million, college-based applied research projects worth $6.7-million; $5-million in funding to the Institute for Quantum Computing; $1.5-million in funding to the Lazaridis Institute, and $750,000 for bioindustrial innovation.
> Pared $5-million in funding for stem cell research. AND THAT’S NOT ALL.LIST FROM Canada’s National Observer – https://www.nationalobserver.com/2019/06/07/news/heres-everything-doug-ford-government-cut-its-first-year-office<“My calendar is cleared, Andrew.  I’ll be backing you up all the way to election day, my friend., editorial cartoon by GRAEME MACKAY, Hamilton Sptectator, June/2019>