Master printmaker, DAVID BLACKWOOD’s gift to the Art Gallery of Ontario

BLACKWOOD2242 works were given to the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1994 by the artist, DAVID BLACKWOOD, and his wife, ANITA.  Seventy of these, along with letters, photographs, nautical artifacts, flags and historic maps were recently shown at the AGO – for the first time.  Blackwood, 69, is a Newfoundlander, now living in Port Hope near TORONTO.  A master printmaker, he portrays the mythology, people and culture of his hometown of Wesleyville and the outport, Bragg’s Island, in blue, gray, black and white – with sudden splashes of red, orange and yellow.  David Blackwood’s collection of works draw on childhood memories, superstitions, dreams, legends, and the realities of life around Bonavista Bay.