Folks on Leuty & Violet Avenues raise flags, funds & food for Daily Bread Food Bank

FLAGS1  Again this year residents of Leuty and Violet Avenues in the Beach are auctioning flags to raise money for the Daily Bread Food Bank.  Dozens of families are working on the project.  Running every day until Dec. 25, one house on Queen Street and two dozen on Leuty and Violet Avenues will fly a holiday flag.  Inspired by Advent calendars and ranging from abstracts to landscapes, the art flags will then be auctioned off to the highest bidder on this website –


<FLAGS ABOVE – Flag #1 by Benedict Hilliard & Michelynn Laflèche; Flag #2 by Rachel, Maddie, Lindsay, Nathan, Candice and Lori>


<ABOVE – Flag #4 by Don, Jane and Mia>