EDWIN ALONZO BOYD – local folk hero, bank robber, now on the silver screen

<Scott Speedman in Edwin Alonzo Boyd: Citizen Gangster>  EDWIN ALONZO BOYD, former Toronto Transit Commission bus driver, would-be actor, bank robber, and Don Jail escapee (twice), has finally made it in the movies.  “Edwin Alonzo Boyd: Citizen Gangster” became a folk hero in TORONTO back in the 1950’s.  He and his gang were all over the radio and front pages.  After World War II, Boyd was hired by the TTC as a bus driver, wanted to enrol in the Lorne Greene School of Acting, and – to make the $45 tuition – started robbing banks.  He escaped twice from the old Don Jail.<The real Edwin Alonzo Boyd, 1914-2002, jailed in 1952 for 8 life sentences; his two cohorts – Lennie Jackson and Willie Jackson – were both executed>