A new book by Arlene Chan – ‘The Chinese in Toronto From 1878’

Chinese labourers began arriving in TORONTO once the Canadian Pacific Railway to the west coast had been constructed.  They didn’t feel welcome in British Columbia, and so – around 1885 – headed east to Ontario looking for employment.  In 1894 TORONTO’s Chinese population numbered 50.  Today there are about 550,000 Chinese people in the GTA, and there are 7 Chinatowns of various sizes serving our second-largest visible minority.  Across North America, many Chinatowns are in decline, but in TORONTO they’re flourishing.  Arlene Chan’s new book – The Chinese in Toronto From 1878: from outside to inside the circle’ – traces the history of our Chinese neighbourhoods from first arrivals to the present day.  The Chinese community is very much inside the circle these days.