Reclaiming public space for the public . . . on Church Street.

POSTERINGYet another TORONTO neighbourhood is preparing for a war on postering.  The Church/Wellesley Business Improvement Area will be installing eighteen poster-resistant colourful wraps on Church Street hyrdro poles come March.

BIA co-chair AVERY PITCHER says “it’s our goal to incorporate community postering into the Village in a way that enhances the area, rather than seeing one hydro pole after another covered with multiple copies of commercial posters advertising events elsewhere in the city.”

Other neighbourhoods have tried to reduce postering.  Some have succeeded (Bloor Street West is the best example); others have not.  It’s a fight that has to be won every single day.

Councillor ADAM VAUGHAN supports the use of pole wraps in Koreatown, the Annex and the Entertainment District.  “It’s a response to people that over-poster.  I don’t have any objection to it,” he told Xtra magazine this month.

TORONTO is one of the most over-postered cities in North America.  There’s nothing beautiful about plastering a community with pasted up messages from cheapskate commercial enterprises.