Transforming the Toronto Transit Commission – one “quick win” at a time

From ANDY BYFORD, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission: “We are focused on what I call “quick wins” to show that we are serious about delivering better service.  Quick wins are improvements that can and should be made right now, often for little or no cost.  The introduction of end-of-line litter picking, whereby in-service trains are cleared of garbage each return trip rather than only at night, has proved a hit with customers who have noticed a difference in the cleanliness of vehicles.Trackside walls have been cleaned, washrooms refurbished and we are looking at ways to deliver cleaner streetcars and buses while they are on the road.  Transit Control has stepped up the quantity and quality of information during disruptions, and we are speeding up installation of information screens at key locations to keep customers better informed.  Next up is the introduction of debit and credit facilities at all Collector Booths across the subway by early next year so that Metropasses can be purchased more conveniently.”

Let’s give ANDY some credit: the subway system looks cleaner, brighter and in better shape than it has in years.  He and his team are on the right track.