AMTRAK, the American passenger railroad, has seriously proposed a Chicago/Toronto service on its Wolverine Line. ”Amtrak is exploring places to modernize and expand its network. A Chicago/Western Michigan to Detroit to Toronto corridor is one of the routes where we see promise,” Marc Magliari, Amtrak Public Relations Manager, told NARCITY.
The travel time would be about the same as the AMTRAK service from TORONTO to New York City – anywhere from 10 to 12 hours. Both Chicago and New York are each around 500 miles from TORONTO. In terms of border crossing, upgrades would have to be made.

‘The Quiet Car’: an AMTRAK invention, offers peace and quiet

QUIETCARAMTRAK, the American passenger train network, has brought civility and calm to rail travel.  On a limited number of trains in the Washington/Boston corridor, passengers in The Quiet Car can escape cell phones, smartphones, pagers, music devices, game devices, CD or DVD players, laptop computers with audible features, etc. etc.  Passenger conversation must be in quiet, subdued tones.  Lighting is dim.  Look out the window; enjoy the scenery; read a book; daydream; but be quiet about it.  Well done, AMTRAK(This might work in restaurants too; stop shouting and eat already.)