Last night we stopped at a Bank and then next door went to the movies to take in “Downton Abbey – A New Era”. This showing took place in the lovely, Kingsway Movie Theatre, which shows black & white, classic reels, foreign films, docs and occasional blockbusters. This feature was a great winner. However without not too much of an audience, but we were there. Toronto’s transit system does well, and our Presto Card allowed us to take a train from Sumach St., then cross town to St. George’s. subway station, and from there an ascent to the cinema itself. No extra charge for either of us; then we had a walk back to the subway for the next train (lots of big noise); got on board; crossed town; and eventually got back home. Line #2 is quite an exciting train. It reminds me of a noisy New York City train roaring through tunnels. Toronto is building even more subway lines right now. On our list for Downtown Halifax itself there are condos and apartment rentals and one spectacular building. There’s The famous Town Clock. There’s The  Halifax Public Garden, and . . . .  . . . . .  “Friday Night Lights.” This afternoon the two of us were waiting for Seafoods from Clearwater in Halifax, to be delivered from Clearwater Seafoods and transported to us from Halifax International Airport itself. What’s available to order? – There’s Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp, Crab and . . . more quality Seafood from Salmon to Tuna, Black Cod, Halibut and all the rest.  <Below – a high-rise of Halifax Harbour>

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