> Among Cabbagetown businesses when it comes to the “Parkscape installation” – there is for now a park-like creation down the middle of Parliament Street. In short, it’s a park in the middle of a major street. Few have the notion to do something like this. With faux fallen logs, decorated green turf the installation provides greenery amid a giant city’s animation and busyness. The Parkscape lines a small section of Parliament at Carlton Street until September 11th.

>> Co-owner, Amar, of ‘Cabbagetown Organics’is skeptical of the installation outside his shop, saying “I don’t know how they’re going to maintain it for two months.”

>> Sam Muthreja, an other co-owner agrees that business is definitely slower. The two also say conflict has arisen between pedestrians and the homeless, especially at night, but there are some doubts about the effectiveness of the Security Guard.

>> Johnny G’s Diner owner, Dinesh, has a different perspective on the Parkscape, saying “I see parents with their kids playing, even though there are other parks around, and they come in and order food.” Dinesh reports an increase with in-person dining since he took over in November, perhaps due to easing of pandemic restrictions and anxiety efforts to improve restaurants and the Parkscape.

>> “Corner Convenience”, declined to comment on Parkscape.

>> A few of the writers on “Disputed Grass”along with Nellianne Bateman and Daryl Gonsalves have opportunities to link themselves as they look at patches of greenery and deal with populations of the locals. According to the CBC, the Parkscape features grass and trees rising out of concrete, with benches and stumps for visitors to sit upon. The idea is to welcome more foot traffic, and for the BIA to uplift more customers and have them.
As for The BIA it’s a UnitedStates’ Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs. 

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