Like Ontario’s Capital, Toronto, Niagara Falls doesn’t need to be introduced. It has nearly everything visitors would no doubt enjoy. Once they’re there, almost at once, people find showy attractions, among others, on famous Clifton Hill including haunted houses, speeding go-karts, Tyrannosaurus Rex meaning something like “King of the Tyrant lizards.” It’s commonly called T-Rex for short. Check out Niagara Parks’ Butterfly Conservatory, 2565 Niagara Parkway. 2,000 butterflies from over 40 species at North America’s largest butterfly conservatory, within The Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens. Never squash a fluttery friend. Next, head for “The Bird Kingdom”, 5651 River Road.The Kingdom itself tells a story. In the 1950’s it was the Niagara Falls Museum, featuring the collection of Curator Thomas Barnett from 1827 – including Egyptian mummies; added in 2003 a free-flying indoor AVIARY.  The Niagara Parks Power Station is a new attraction. Catch the “Currents” night show, and there are several Niagara classics – The Niagara Wheel and Niagara Falls Illumination (4960 Clifton Hill.). There’s an  aerial view of the roaring waterfalls on both sides of the United States and Canadian borders. A helicopter is available too. There’s Brunch at Skyline Tower’s revolving restaurant, or a Zip Line if you dare. The best – are multi-coloured lights. 42 gondolas can carry a group up to six, 175-feet above a bird’s-view of The Falls, and other surrounding cities. And this would be the sun setting over CLIFTON HILL (at last) beneath you.
So you can can see Niagara Falls itself is not just about water. There are lots of other things. The weekend getaways are only two hours from colourful TORONTO and the amazing good times that offers.

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