“Ross and I decided to hit the road & enjoy another of Ontario’s colourful cities.”

MISSISSAUGA’s population is about 722,000 and TORONTO numbers about 6,300,000. They both offer a lot. The challenge is finding a way to get into Mississauga. By our mistake we by-passed a highway entrance and found ourselves in an expensive-looking suburb of beautiful houses with plenty of trees. We drove forever it seemed. The Marilyn Monroe towers popped up on the horizon. We managed to find underground parking, and then met a young man in a tourism booth. He highlighted several places worth seeing. We began by walking through Mississauga City Hall and its surroundings. This was well worth exploring. We stopped and admired a painting of Hazel McCallion , former Mayor of Mississauga, who was elected in 1978, retired in 2014 after putting in 36 years with her rapidly growing city. Ross and I realized the City Centre was filled with skyscrapers. Some were plain, but several were spectacular. We spent more time walking around, enjoying a muffin, taking in the urban scene of Ontario’s third largest city. Neither of us found it boring, even when some of the shops were closed because of the pandemic. MISSISSAUGA has a mind of its own. It has a fine downtown  with shops, restaurants, higher education institutions and malls, lakes, and all kinds of people – 23% of residents are of non-European descent; 8% Chinese; 7% Black; 5% Arab; 5% Filipino; as well as Latin Americans, Koreans and Southeast Asians. Mississauga Transit buses serve within Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Hamilton areas. GO Trains provide service between Toronto’s Union Station and the eastern suburbs. It offers three main lines: the Kitchener line, Lakeshore West line, and the Barrie line. So public transit is available in many locations. Even Car Shares are easily available for getting home late at night when public transit arrives less frequently. All in all Ontario’s MISSISSAUGA is one great city.

One thought on ““Ross and I decided to hit the road & enjoy another of Ontario’s colourful cities.”

  1. Thanks to you and Ross for a terrific report on Mississauga. – David

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