The Competition missed a few years during Covid. It asks for temporary structures associated with the lifeguard stations along Woodbine Beach. This year’s theme is ‘Resilience’. Here are three of a larger group of this year’s winners.
Enter Face (MELT, Turkey). The pandemic significantly shifted our perception of the world to digital screens. The two black boxes have outward looking screens so that those inside (for adults, their heads, for kids, their entire bodies) are subtly aware of each other, and together are watching the world outside.
Hive (Canada). Honey bees demonstrate resilience by working in unison in their hive, feeding the queen, keeping warm with their body heat in the winter, colony-level responses. Visitors to this station become, briefly, the Hive cluster, sharing the experience.
One Canada – (Guelph U School of Environmental Design and Rural Development) Our Indigenous people demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity and oppressive policies. The seven levels wrapping around the lifeguard station represent the Grandfather Teachings. The enveloping structure invites a coming together of disparate people in unity through its protective embrace.  <Photos by Ross Winter>

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