A quote from Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail columnist – The Yonge Subway Line will eventually pass its current Finch Avenue northern terminus. It now has attracted developments along its hubs, such as . . . . . . . . . The 407 Toll Highway in the city of Vaughan, and then would end up in suburban Richmond Hill. Developers can’t wait to start building along this connected new section. They can demand a higher price for homes and offices next to a subway that will take them to and from the heart of downtown. Building projects along a subway line means that people can get to their homes or work without using a car. Toronto’s booming region can accommodate thousands of new residents without worsening urban sprawl. Urban planners are calling what is happening along Yonge and in other cities “transit oriented development.” This idea is being pursued in cities all over the world. Marcus Gee says “The real madness would be to build a subway all the way to Richmond Hill and put nothing else there.”

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