*At their best Canada’s theatre companies have been facing more shutdowns because we’re way deep in the pandemic.
*Newfoundland, Ontario and Quebec – were shut down again.
*Calgary – avant-garde theatre festival, cancelled its’ 36th edition.
*Metro Theatre in Vancouver, announced at the last minute it would be rescheduling until March the comedy ‘Nunsense’.
*Vancouver Arts Club rescheduled the new comedy ‘Made in Italy’
*The Firehall Arts Centre is now one of the only spots in Vancouver where audiences can catch a live show.
*Grand Theatre in London, Ontario – ‘Room’, Emma Donoghue’s adaptation of her novel with Scottish songwriters Kathryn Joseph and Cora Bissett.
*Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto – will show part of a rejigged Mirvish Productions Season, with ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ replacing the departed Leopoldstadt.
*The Frank Theatre Company, Vancouver’s oldest professional queer theatre company, is running an audio adaptation of ‘I Cannot Lie to the Stars That Made Me’ by playwright Catherine Hernandez.
The ray of hope to be found in Canadian performing arts now comes from companies postponing rather than cancelling shows. Many are hoping that stages will operate again in March.

<From J. Kelly Nestruck, Opinion Section, The Globe and Mail, Ontario Edition, January 13, 2022.>

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