A good friend helped us read through the instruction pages, and to make a long story short – we both came through successfully in little more than 20-30 minutes. I kept the clever card, which looked like a lollipop, as a reminder. On December 11, 2021 I read a Globe and Mail story on Lori Laumbach, and her  daughter, Jenna Schlender who planned a quiet Christmas holiday at home in Edmonton. They decided this was the safest thing to do. “Other years often we would go and join friends at house parties, but I think that still doesn’t seem like a responsible thing right now, especially because I want to go away,” said Ms. Laumbach. Her travel plan was to visit Punta Cana. Already, she’d double-checked her travel insurance, partly because she’s losing faith given the emergence of notorious Omicron. “I’m not getting my hopes up for this trip because I don’t have confidence that things aren’t going to go south quickly again.” So, like many of us, our Christmases will be celebrated at home – in Edmonton & Toronto.

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