This promo could very well be from The Globe, Canada’s National Newspaper, or maybe some other aspect of tourism. But the message is sound. Edited quote: “Most of us have spent more time at home than we ever thought we would. As restrictions ease and the time comes to travel again, remember your other home – Canada. Look at it with new eyes. Explore city after city after city. Discover infinite opportunities to make new memories with family and friends. Unplug and unwind, because we all need some of both. Find cultures, both unique and familiar, woven into the fabric of who we are. Spend time in this Canadian home that isn’t framed by four walls, but instead by three coasts. Our country is ready to be experienced and enjoyed by all – no matter where we’re from.” – OH! Ross and I decided to explore two parts of Toronto that we’d heard of, but haven’t seen. First up – ‘THE WELL’, an enormous city-within-a-city.  <Photo above by Ross Winter> It’s going up non-stop, bordering Wellington, Spadina and Front Streets. Several development companies and architects are there at work and have been for some time. The finished project will contain a 36-storey office tower, six residential buildings, and 432,000 ft² of retail space. When finished something like 690,000 cubic metres of rocks and mud will have been trucked away. The excavation will reach a depth of 23 metres (75 feet). You can now wander around and enjoy what’s happening – ideal if you’re into architecture and construction.  From THE WELL, walk west toward the Bathurst Bridge, cross Bathurst Street, and you’re near “STACKT”. “STACKT” – a container market and cultural space. There you’ll find pop-up shops, food and beverage vendors, and an onsite brewery, mixed in with courtyards, pedestrian paths and open spaces for community programming and events – everything’s there. We really enjoyed being inside, and eating some of the best ice cream anywhere. The CN Tower isn’t far away.  <Photo above by Ross Winter> STACKT’s physical structure can be picked up and moved elsewhere – in a different configuration – on a future site and/or date. The genius behind this project, leaves the site unscathed. Finding parking space can be a challenge, but once you’re parked, enjoy wandering. Both Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street have easy-to-reach public transit.  We spent most of an afternoon in THE WELL and STACKT.  Our plan is to come back real soon for more ice-cream.

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