<PHOTO – The Canada Pavilion in Venice, transforming into movie mode> For a long time I’ve been watching Canadian cities stand-in for other places and cities across the United States and in many parts of Europe. We’ve been happily faking it, and filmgoers can seldom tell the difference from the real thing. Toronto often portrays parts of New York City, occasionally Tokyo, and was featured in the Academy Award winner ‘The Shape of Water’, parts of which were also shot in Hamilton, Ontario. Vancouver and Montreal masquerade as Moscow, Paris, and New York.  Alberta has helped depict the American West. ‘Impostor Cities’ celebrates Canada’s cities by being cinematic impostors, bringing attention to how our architecture is able to make appearances worldwide on the silver screen. ‘Impostor Cities’ poses the question: why are Canada’s buildings so good at doubling somewhere else in feature films? There’ll be fun to immerse visitors in this “impostor” experience – allowing visitors to consider what makes distinct Canadian architecture capable of blending into Paris and/or New York on the movie screen. This exhibition, the International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, makes people aware that many film-famous buildings and spaces are really Canadian. It’s about our movie-making identity – we love it.

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