City Council has approved YongeTOmorrow and a monumental transformation of our city’s main street from College to Queen will be taking place. Over the next four years two lanes of traffic will disappear, replaced by bikes, sidewalk patios, planters, street vendors and pedestrians.  <photo above – City of Toronto>Local condo dwellers will no doubt enjoy the brand new Yonge. The city expects downtown Toronto to double its population in the next 20 years.  <Rendering City of Toronto>From Spacing Magazine – “This proposal is largely triggered by the fact that one of Toronto’s oldest watermains, located underneath this part of Yonge Street, requires urgent renewal. Since the street will be torn up and put back together, there is a ‘build back better’ opportunity that will not come for another generation. This is a no-brainer that should have no opposition.” So there’s a good reason for doing it and City Council has approved 21 to 5 – first time in more than 100 years.

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