We’ve had so many cancellations, it’s wonderful to know that the seventh annual Winter Stations project will actually happen. The winning designs have been revealed alongside new partnerships with The Distillery District and the Beach BIA. Once lockdown restrictions are lifted, the exhibit’s timetable will be released. This year, four designs were selected by the jury, from a record-breaking amount of 400+ submissions from around the world. Winning installations responded to the theme of “Refuge” – a theme that reflects the ongoing pandemic and its meaning – a shelter, place of comfort, security, and a sanctuary.

The 2021 Winter Station winners are: <ARc de Blob by Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James and Shaun McCallum, Austria/United Kingdom . . . ARc de Blob is a colourful landmark in the Woodbine Beach landscape: a point of orientation, interaction and refuge.><From Small Beginnings by Jack Leather and Charlie Leather, United Kingdom. Only upon entering the seating and standing areas of the installation the brighter interior is revealed; symbolic of the opportunities that rise from challenging periods, such as the year gone by.><The Epitonium by M. Yengiabad – Shahed M. Yengiabad, Elaheh M. Yengiabad, Alemeh M. Yengiabad and Mojtaba Anoosha, Iran. Nature is the source of inspiration for architects, artists, investors and scientists. Nature is our origin and destination – not only the external environments such as clouds, trees, sea, mountains and animals, but also buildings, components and building materials.><Embrace by Colin Laplante, Grace Im, Ziyu Li, Brayden Popke, Nicole Ruiz, Reem Yunis, Bachelor of Craft and Design Program, Sheridan College.  This year, we all need a hug. Embrace represents that universal desire, providing a refuge from the real and imagined winds that buffet our beings.><THROBBER by Heidundgriess – Alexandra Grieß and Jorel Heid, Germany. The walk-in installation consists of 10 small shelters, trapezoidal rooms, they form the colour spectrum of a rainbow. The colours are reduced to grey inside the installation. From an aerial view, the shelters form the shape of a “throbber”. Anyone who has used computer programs or digital devices (often know of this icon. They force you to wait, because there is a superior action.>

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