Thanks to LIA PICARD in The New York Times I know nearly all about Squirrel Tables‘It’s Reserved for Squirrels or Chipmunks’ takes up nearly a full page in Sunday’s Times, December 13/2020.  Worth a read.In TORONTO with thousands of black and grey squirrels, and a sprinkling of chipmunks, keeping them fed could be both worthwhile and a way to pass some pandemic lockdown time.<Photo Above – ETSY Canada>They’re like miniature picnic tables, typically made from cedar or pine, and measure about 8×5 inches, which allows them to be connected to fences or trees. The American squirrels have adapted well, and make the rounds of their favourite tables for a good sized lunch break. Children become fascinated, and so are the adults with time on their hands.  <Photo above – ETSY Canada>Jena Garfield, 33, of St. Paul, Minnesota said “It’s kind of our spin on random acts of kindness. It brings joy to people during this crazy time that we’re all in.” <Photo above – WXYZ, Detroit, Michigan> I’ve indirectly fed the black and grey squirrels in Cabbagetown with some delight.My goal in the last four winters was to feed the sparrows.  The squirrels joined the party – every time. It was so entertaining that I’d be glued to the window waiting to see who turned up next. One thing I learned – divide their food into two groups – one for the squirrels and the other for the sparrows.  No matter what you’ll get a great feeling.

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