Venerable Massey Hall, still undergoing its’ revitalization, will always be called Massey Hall.But the Allied Music Centre will feature state-of-the-art performance venues and spaces for Artist development, education & outreach initiatives. These will all be located in the 7-storey tower adjacent to Toronto’s National Historic Site.Additional spaces will include – The Theatre, seating 100; The Studio, multi-functional flexibility, education and professional recording facilities; Artist’s Lab – resources for creators, digital audio workstations, a unique instrument library, practice rooms – a home for artists; The Lounge – a gathering place for artists, industry, and fans.And there’s much more, including great site lines in the heart of downtown Toronto.Massey Hall’s revitalization has been about restoring and renewing both inside and out. Over 100 original stained glass windows for instance have been completely restored. Without a doubt they’ll be a highlight. On the orchestra level a new retractable seating option is in the works.Massey Hall, which opened in 1894 as a choral music venue, and later home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, has been the epicenter of Toronto’s music history ever since. It has hosted the likes of Glenn Gould, annually Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, who famously recorded his “Live at Massey Hall 1971” album; Ella Fitzgerald, Justin Bieber, Enrico Caruso, John Cleese, wrestling events, Sir Winston Churchill, George Gershwin, Jerry Seinfeld, the Dalai Lama, Bob Dylan, Oscar Peterson, Billy Joel, The Kinks, Carl Perkins, Loretta Lynn, Jerry Lee Lewis . . . upcoming more and more.

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