1. Ask the repairman or technician before arrival if they’ll be wearing a face mask. Don’t assume this.
2. Ask in advance if they will keep their distance.
3. Ask if they’ve been screened for COVID-19 symptoms or been exposed to the virus.
4. Keep your distance when they’re working, and refrain from engaging in conversation.
5. Avoid hand shakes, wear a mask as long as the repairman is there; give them space to work.
6. Before the technician or repairman arrives, disinfect the work area.
7. Before arrival, disinfect areas they may touch – door knobs, bathrooms, and sink faucets.
8. Repeat #7 once the technician or repairman has left.“Life happens, even during a pandemic. The washing machine breaks, the sink leaks, the stove goes cold. For months, you’ve been limiting house guests. But this is different: You need a service technician. Having someone breach your safe space is not without risk, so it needs to be done carefully. Something else you can do: Open doors and windows. The fresh air may dilute any virus that might have hitched a ride with the service tech. Running a central A/C may also help. Herb Weisbaum, The Washington Post.>

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