THOMAS WILDEBOER, from Grand Valley, Ontario, population 3,000, is a first year student studying physical and mathematical sciences – “Many people who live in rural areas have a lot of bad ideas about city living but the adjustment really isn’t difficult,” he wrote. “I started to feel at home pretty quickly. Your walking distance is away from a lot of stuff, but the TTC can get you places. If all else fails, Uber is an option. In rural areas, driving for hours to run errands is common.” Wildeboer has found that one of the best things about living in the city is fast internet. <DINA DONG/THE VARSITY; JUSTIN TUNG/FLICKR>DEAN HILER, a third year student, is studying earth systems, geographic information systems, and history and philosophy of science. “I’m from Watervliet, Michigan, which is a town of about 1,600 people (and falling). Diversity adds this intangible quality to life that is often indirect and minor, but because it affects everything, it’s actually a huge part of your life and you don’t realize you were missing it or value it until you have it,” he wrote. “The perspective I get from being enveloped in (Toronto’s) diversity has allowed me to redefine myself using a much larger dictionary.” <PHOTO – SAMANTHA YAO/THE VARSITY; DINA DONG/THE VARSITY>

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