Unfortunately in a city like TORONTO many birds are doomed, crashing into windows or being murdered by cats. ACOPIAN BIRDSAVERS, an American company, has come to their rescue.Jeff Acopian’s solution: “Birds were hitting our windows and dying,” he said. “And we didn’t like it.”  An engineer by profession and a naturalist at heart, he came up with Birdsavers, a fixture that involved dangling pieces of parachute cord in front of windows to keep birds from flying into them. It works, and “it’s not objectionable at all. You can reduce collisions without making your house look ridiculous.”Window collisions kill hundreds of millions of birds every year across Canada and the United States.Cats do the rest. Joanna Eckles of the Audubon Society says these numbers can be greatly reduced simply by putting up a visual barrier outside the windows, held in place by velcro. “This isn’t something that has to happen. This is preventable.”<ABOVE – a Do It Yourself version of Acopian Birdsavers. On the left three vertical hanging cords from an aluminum support strip. On the right, 3 cords hanging from a ‘support parachute cord’ suspended from small aluminum tabs. The horizontal support structures are attached to the house with velcro.>For more information, and other solutions on making your own ACOPIAN BIRDSAVERS go to this address –

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