The city of HAMILTON, 45 miles southwest of TORONTO is taking on the litterers and graffiti spritzers, in a plan to clean things up.  Councllor BRAD CLARK saysit just seems odd that we’ve got thousands of people driving around who are city employees and they’re not noticing these things.” He wants to enlist all 8,000 city employees to start reporting on litter and graffiti.“We’ve got thousands who are in vehicles driving every single day.  If they see graffiti, if they see garbage bags piled up at the side of the road or in a ditch … why wouldn’t we direct staff to report them so the proper people can remove them?” Clark calls it having “eyes on HAMILTON.”Councillor Clark isn’t suggesting city workers should pick up illegally dumped garbage or erase graffiti themselves, unless that’s in their department.  He just wants them to alert the fellow employees who are responsible for this job.Former TORONTO mayor ROB FORD attempted a graffiti cleanup and failed.  TORONTO has roughly35,000 civic employees (union, non-union, part time, full time). That’s a force to be reckoned with. Maybe they could succeed, once the snow melts, and get rid of these eyesores.  If it works for HAMILTON, maybe it’ll work for us.  <PHOTOS – Toronto’s battle with graffiti>

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