Once upon a time Downtown TORONTO was dotted with surface parking lots. Nearly every one of them has disappeared. Underground parking has taken over. The above Google map from MAPto shows us the lower city centre, as it was in 1978. To the left – the CN Tower and surface parking; the Financial District towers in the centre; and lots of surface parking on the right.ABOVE – Forty years later things have certainly changed. The Rogers Centre is on the left; the Financial District and Union Station are in the middle; and there’s massive amounts of development along the waterfront and on the right. This photo was taken in 2019.In the above photo from #Streets of Toronto, it’s obvious redevelopment has spread far and wide. The Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat says this city now has 67 skyscrapers (150 metres or taller), with 31 more under construction, and another 59 proposed. We’ll soon pass CHICAGO to take second place behind NEW YORK CITY with the most tall buildings. Some – but not all – of us love what’s happening. Anyway, most of the surface parking lots are gone – for the better..

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