Now we have a rift between generations on both sides of the Atlantic. Baby Boomers, born between 1946 & 1964, played outside, got spanked, respected their parents, didn’t punch the teacher, belonged to cadets, paid 50 cents for a haircut, 15 cents for a double-feature, tattoos were out, bubble gum was in, avoided the ‘f’ word, went to church, traded comics, played road hockey, etc. And many of us took early retirement because it was available.‘OK BOOMER – Have a Terrible Day’. “If they take that personally,” said a 17-year-old to the NY Times, “it’s just proof that Boomers take everything we do as offensive. It’s just funnier.”<CARTOON ABOVE – 30-year-old Boomer>  . . . . OK Boomer products available bed sheets, phone cases, stickers, pins, etc. They’re all over the internet.

ABOVE – “OK Boomer Have a terrible Day.”  A 20-year-old college student says “It’s funny you think I respect your opinion, when your hairline looks that disrespectful.” A 19-year-old designer: “We have a different perspective. A lot of Boomers don’t believe in climate change or that people can get jobs with dyed hair, and a lot of them are stubborn in that view.”


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